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This test will help you to evaluate your current English level.
Please be aware that this is only a quick test and the result cannot be used as a proof of your level for any purposes.

Choose the correct answer.

By the time they arrive, we … our meeting:
will finishwould finishwould have finishedwill have finished

I was … sleeping until late but now I have to wake up early every morning:

Our car ... when we were on our way to Canberra:
endedstopbrokebroke down

I wish I … my course earlier. I'm sure I would have found a much better job:
had startedstartedhadstudied

… a student in Sydney is a rewarding experience:
beto bebeingam

How long ... in Sydney, then?:
have you livedhave you been liveddo you liveare you lived

After arriving in Sydney you can either take the underground or ... bus:
take adrivegorun

You are ... late for class:

I ... go to school this afternoon, because we have the option of visiting a museum:
don't have tomustn'tdoesn't have toshould not

Is the meeting taking place ... the morning.
inonatno preposition

Task 2: Chose the correct word.

We were informed that you were not at (office - the office).

(None - Every one - No one - One) can't always be the best.

There is no reason (which - that - why - because) anyone should behave so cruelly.

It (rained- was raining) when I left the house.

(Both-Each-Either) hands are dirty.

It has been two years ( when-that-since) I last saw you.

My house is as ( biggest- bigger- big) as yours.

We saw our teacher ( run- running- to run) down the street.

I ( am knowing- know) that woman very well

Ten thousand dollars ( are- is) a lot of money.

Task 3: Write minimum 100 words on the following question:

Why would you like to study in an English speaking country?

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