Client Form

Verslas Australijoje – padėk sau

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Client Form

Verslas Australijoje – padėk sau

Wish to gain permanent residency in Australia ?

  • Qualification or work experience (not listed in Skills occupation list)
  • Able to score only 5 in IELTS test
  • Dreaming to open your business & sponsor yourself
  • Business-minded individual
  • Tired of students visas
  • Aiming to permanent residency
  • Please fill the form

    Full Name

    Any other names


    Passport number

    Address in Australia

    Address in your country

    Telephone number

    Mobile Phone

    Skype / Facebook

    Email address

    Date of Birth

    National ID number (If applicable)

    Visa expiration day

    Have you lived out of your country for more than 3 months in the last 5 years?

    IELTS score (minimum 5 in each band)

    Genuine interest to open a business in Australia and operate it for at least 2 years

    Degree/Diploma or 3-5 years of relevant work experience in the same industry (AU overseas)

    CV (resume)

    Previous experience of being- self employed in Australia or Overseas

    *Conditions applies